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An International Journal of Science & Technology
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Text Box: Revitalize Traditional Health Care System for Sustainable Development and Medicinal Plants Conservation in Uttarakhand Himalaya

P.C. Phondani1*, R.K. Maikhuri2, Vikram S. Negi1, L.S. Rawat2, L.S. Kandari3, Abhay Bahuguna2, N.S. Bisht4 and B.P. Kothyari1
1G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development, Kosi-Katarmal, Almora-263643, Uttarakhand, India
2 G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development, Garhwal Unit, Srinagar-246 174, Uttarakhand, India
3 of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,  Haramaya University,P.Box # 138, Dire-Dawa, Ethiopia
4H.N.B. Garhwal Central University, B.G.R. Campus Pauri (Garhwal), Uttarakhand, India
*Email prakashphondani@gmail.com


The traditional communities of the Uttarakhand state in India have a rich health care tradition, which have been in practice for hundreds of years. If proper values are added in the traditional knowledge based health care application of medicinal plants resources, employment opportunities can be created in the Himalayan region. A series of workshops and village level meetings on traditional health care systems were organized between year 2007 to 2010 in Alaknanda catchment and its adjoining areas of Uttarakhand in order to understand the present status and perceptions of traditional herbal practitioners (Vaidyas). A total of 240 participants actively participated in the workshop/meetings of which 150 participants were exclusively Vaidyas. Forming a strong association of Vaidyas for making their system of health care more practical and effective, was one of the major recommendation of the workshop. The aim of the Vaidyas association is to revitalize traditional health care system and conserve natural medicinal plant species on which Vaidyas system depend for curing ailments.
Keywords: Conservation, Sustainable development, Medicinal plants, Traditional health care system, Himalaya.

Environ. We Int. J. Sci. Tech. 6 (2011) 155-165                Full Paper

Volume 6, Number 3

July-September 2011